Personal Projects

These are personal projects that I’ve done in my spare time.

Programming Throwdown (

  • The most popular programming podcast on itunes
  • Over 13,000 active listeners worldwide
  • Frequently in the top 100 most popular podcasts, top 10 most popular technology podcasts nationwide.


  • Generic peer-to-peer networking engine that synchronized memory and inputs among several computers, so users can play retro games online Over 30,000 games meant to be played in a single living room now can be played over Internet
  • Below is a video of 5 users playing X-Men (arcade) online:
  • Below is a video of two users playing Tecmo Super Bowl (snes) online:

JG Game Engine (

3-D game engine that integrates Ogre3D graphics, Bullet physics, OpenAL sound, and OIS input Created ragdoll physics engine and a shatter engine for glass and other breakable material.

Below is the trailer for Underworld Hockey Club, a game that I wrote on top of JG Game Engine.

JG Collision Handler (

2-D & 3-D Physics library written from scratch, based on Separating Axis Theorem (SAT) Supports collision for basic primitives (triangle, rectangle, ellipse, polygon) in 2-D and 3-D

Soft Body Simulator

Computes soft-body physics from particles and spring constraints using Verlet Integration.

Below is a video demonstrating the simulator and explaining how it works:

JG Template Library (

C++ header-only library for (1) stack-based STL structures, (2) variant support, (3) 2-D and 3-D Geometry, (4) Profiler, (5) Oct-tree, Xor-Space, Interpolated Value

JG Isometric Manager (

Isometric Game Engine written in Java

Featured in the O’Reilly book “Killer Game Programming in Java”

Ubuntu Magazine (

Interviewer for the magazine.

Interviewed Richard Stallman (link)

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